Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Conference Organizers Weekend - Part 3


Taking the cork out of a champagne bottle with a great big sword!

Yes we have had a go at that and its easier than it sounds and has a great historical significance between the French and the Russians apparently.

So this morning as part of the Great Escape Weekend from Red Carnation Hotels after a hearty breakfast which was excellent, we headed for the South African themed bbar which is part of the Rubens Hotel. A great dine around option if using the hotel as a conference venue as you can charge anything back to your room number.

Tasting of cocktails and Mrs Balls Chutney is a must in the bbar and the Bobotie spring rolls are to die for. What a great venue with 3 areas for hiring privately and African themed decor makes it an interesting space. Just another option if using the Rubens as a conference venue in London.

Just as we were getting comfortable in the bbar we were told that our transport had arrived to take us to the next destination, The Milestone Hotel. An orginal London bus was waiting and dropped us to the waiting entourage outside the Milestone Hotel.

The flagship of the London Hotels, the Milestone lived up to expectations with its 5 star service and product. Lovely bedrooms, suites and apartments are its draw but also it has great meeting and private dining spaces which we were lucky to experience. The rooms and suites at The Milestone are stunning and at £600.00 a night they have to be special but I think they are value for money from what i have just seen.

After the Sabrage we were treated to canapes and a wine tasting, did we mention that Red Carnation Hotels own vineyards in South Africa?

Having a personal preference for expensive reds, I decided to try the award winning Pinot Noir from the Bouchard Finlayson label and I wasn't disappointed, 3 glasses later and I couldn't face trying the whites that were on offer. Bribery by alcohol is always a good sales technique in my books!

The bus has brought us back to the Rubens Hotel to freshen up for dinner at the Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel tonight. The progamme or entertainment is yet to be announced but if the last 24 hours is to go by then I know the hospitality and quality of service, food and drink will be first class.

Its still very hard work making sure we experience every aspect of conference venues to ensure we recommend the right one for your next meeting or event!

Watch out for Part 4 shortly.

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