Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Conference Organizers Weekend - Part 2


A conference venue in London gives free WIFI in all areas!!!

Yes you heard it here first, no catches, no hidden charges, its all totally free. Isn't that what all conference organizers dream of. Red Carnation Hotels have got my vote already.

So back to the weekend, we were told to meet in the Palace Lounge which is great for people watching as it looks over the Royal Mews. We were greeted by an Umpa Lumpa and a chocolate martini, not your average corporate drinks reception. The lounge had been been transformed into Willy Wonkas chocolate factory with the GM dressed as 'Mr Wonka'.

There were sweets and chocolate everywhere, canapes have never tasted so good and all washed down with blueberry cocktails and of course a couple more chocolate martinis. Now i have been on a few familiarization trips over the years but chocolate for canapes is a first for me. We bought our Wonka Bars as the promise was a special trip for those lucky 5 that found the golden ticket!

If your expectation of a London conference venue is stuffy and formal then you will be in for a surprise from the Rubens at the Palace. The staff are brilliant, informative and above all friendly but with a professional service.

Mini fish chips, mini Yorkshire puddings & roast beef and mini sausage and mash followed the chocolate canapes again accompanied by a chocolate martini (there is a theme emerging here!). Then it was time for a bit of hard work and the business side of the evening, the showround.

Rubens is a small and compact hotel that is full of character and charm and with 2 smallish meeting rooms its not going to suit every event. The largest meeting room holds 90 people but is tastefully furnished and great for smaller events i would say. I would have no hesitation in recommending the meeting rooms to our clients as coupled with the first class service you know the event will be a success here.

We were then taken into Hotel 41 which is the 5 star hotel on the 5th floor of the Rubens. More a private club this doesn't feel like a hotel at all but exudes elegance, style and privacy. Again facilities and bedrooms were very impressive here.

Back down to the lounge and guess what, my wife found a golden ticket in her wonka bar!!! As her prize she was whisked up in the glass elevator to the roof of the Rubens where she was treated to caviar, Verve Cliquot and a view down to the Royal Mews and up to the stars. Stunning was her description which I have to take her word for as I was stuck downstairs with my chocolate martini.

11.30pm - Time to retire to our stylish bedroom after a very enjoyable, informal evening. I have learnt a lot about the Rubens, got to know the team that run the conference and events and drank a lot of cold chocolate. All in the quest to find that perfect London conference venue for you.

Still being kept in the dark about tomorrow and what they have planned for us, all we have been told is we will be:

Mastering the Art of Sabrage.....

Until tomorrow.

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