Friday, 14 September 2012

Nutritious Foods For Your Conference Menu

One of the key elements of a conference, meeting or event is the food as its what delegates seem to talk about and remember the most long after the content of the presentations!

Hotels and conference venues have picked up on this in recent times and their offerings are a lot more balanced and have a healthy focus which is vital to keeping the delegates in a receptive state of mind. The following list shows 10 basic but nutritious foods that you should include on your conference menus.

Great source of protein

Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Contains vitamin D and essential omega 3 oils

Full of calcium

Root Vegetables
Full of dietary fibre

Good source of vitamin C

Contains antioxidants

Contain carbohydrates which are good for slow release energy

Contains thiamine which is good for metabolism

Contain flavanoids believed to enhance memory 

 Balance your conference menus with these 10 basic items and your delegates will remain attentive and in good state of mind throughout your meeting or conference