Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Corporate Business Travel - What is important

Corporate business travel is a huge revenue stream now for hotels worldwide with many chains and independents fiercely selling their product to this market.

Most hotels now have glossy brochures, fancy websites and even mobile websites these days but are they really promoting a product that the corporate business travel person actually requires.

For a business travel hotel to really specialise in looking after the corporate travel market then we feel they have to offer the things are really important to them. All too often though when Well Placed Conference look to book hotels for business travel for our clients, the hotels fall short on their offering!

 Studies show so that the single most important thing that the corporate business traveller requires is

Complimentary In-Room Wireless Internet!

Now we understand that some hotel chains are locked into contracts and that some independents see it as a new revenue stream to replace the lost telephone sales but its the one thing we get asked for before we book a hotel. Hotels have to start offering this complimentary as standard if they are to remain competitive to the business travel market.

Other 'must haves' from the corporate market that Well Placed Conference ensure their clients get when making hotel reservations are:
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Promotions & discounts
  • 24 hour business centre
  • 24 hour fitness facilities
  • Good loyalty programmes
Well Placed Conference are specialists in corporate hotel reservations, business accommodation and business hotel bookings and we ensure you get exactly what you want for the right price.

At the very least you should get complimentary in-room WIFI these days, in my opinion.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

International Conference Venues - Brussels

At Well Placed Conference our aim is to inform and educate our clients about what is new and happening within the hotels and events industry. We are specialists when it comes to organising international conferences as we have the experience and contacts to ensure your overseas conferences are a complete success.

Brussels has always been a popular conference incentive destination and has many conference venues and conference hotels to offer the corporate client. Its not often a completely new concept appears on the scene in this city but one that we are very excited about is The Hotel Brussels.

The new bedroom concept at this hotel is exciting and innovative and we are sure the new meeting rooms will follow in the same vein.

The HotelRecently The Hotel Brussels (former Hilton) unveiled the new room concept as designed by Spanish architecture agency GCA. The concept epitomizes the ultimate hotel experience for the modern, cosmopolitan traveler.
The stylish elegant rooms with a new layout, give an The Hotelexciting first glimpse into the spectacular, full-scale renovation to come. The first 20 rooms will be ready by April of this year, a further 100 will follow by September. The remaining 200 rooms and suites will be finished in phases with all 424 rooms ready for Spring 2013. The meeting rooms on the 25th, 26th and 27th floors will be completed in September 2012. 
Smartphone carrying guests can use their device to unlock their room door as well as to check in and out!!


Friday, 3 February 2012

Death or Glory - The Hotel Show Round!

All conference rooms should be well presented
The show round for a client is the one chance for a hotel to showcase products and services, so why does it fall short on so many occasions?

Well Placed Conference are an established conference venue finder and I personally have worked in many conference hotels over the years. We take clients to view hotels and conference venues for their potential events regularly and the feedback we often get is 'that could have been better'!

As a company we are always striving to improve standards within the hospitality industry to benefit our clients and would make the following suggestions to hotels & venues just to make their hotel show rounds more profitable.
  1. First impressions count, try and be in reception to meet & greet on arrival
  2. Make sure all departments know who is coming, especially reception in case you can't be there to greet
  3. Make sure you know all the information about the event, use the arrival coffee time to explore the event further if necessary and the clients specific needs.
  4. Make sure all the doors to conference rooms are unlocked that you will be showing. Nothing more embarrasing than leaving clients waiting whilst you hunt for keys.
  5. Conference rooms being shown should have lights on and be set up, preferably in style that client has requested for their event. You know we are coming, so plan for it.
  6. If showing bedrooms, make sure you have the keys in advance and know which way down the corridoors you are going.
  7. Have a logical route planned for the show round so as not to walk past the same conference room 3 times!
  8. Only show areas that the client has specified a need for, time is precious.
  9. Know the benefits of your venues features and apply these to the clients specific needs as you are walking around.
  10. Always offer a departing coffee or hospitality as the client may want to take some time to write notes whilst the venue and show round is fresh in their mind.
 Of course there are many more elements to a complete show round but the above tips are basics in my opinion if conference hotels and venues are to be in with a chance of winning the business.

We are in a people & service business and its the little things that make the difference in my experience. A well structured and professional show round will make the difference between the client choosing you or the conference venues next door.

Let Well Placed Conference find the best venue for next event as we know who will look after you!