Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hotel Conference Rooms - What should you be looking for?

There are many factors that you have to consider when looking for hotel conference rooms and assessing the venues suitability for your event or meeting.

Paul Welling, the director at Well Placed Conference shares his thoughts as what are the basics that he would look for and advises you do the same for your next conference. Paul worked in hotels and conference venues for 17 years before the agency was born so has seen it from both sides, operationally in hotel conference rooms and from a  planning perspective of an agency.

In no particular order:


If you don't have a professional, quick and efficient response from the staff at the hotel about your conference meeting rooms enquiry then forget it. If they don't respond in a timely manner and answer your questions then move onto the next venue on your list!

Natural Daylight

The conference rooms being offered have to have natural daylight for me, if its a full day meeting you need to be able to see the light to keep concentration. Some say its a distraction to the delegates but its all part of the well being factor and you need windows in your conference room.

SpaceDon't let them cram you into a room that barely takes your maximum expected number. Try and negotiate a room allocation that can handle almost double your numbers to give you space to walk around and to make the delegates more comfortable.

The location of the conference meeting rooms within the venue is important to me. I want to be away from the through traffic of the venue but not down the end of 3 corridors, totally separate from the facilities. Try and choose a venue that has a dedicated conference centre area which has conference rooms around a central catering/lounge area.

Does the venue react positively to your requests, do they understand that meetings and conferences are fluid these days and things change at a moments notice. You need a venue that has the flexibility to move cofee/tea times or to be able to print off conference material without prior warning and be able to contact someone at the hotel to advise of the changes.

Conference rooms decor
Is the meeting room well maintained and fit for purpose. It doesn't have to be recently refurbished but it needs to create an impression of being cared for! Masking tape on the carpet, stained walls from tables being moved and light bulbs out are all big no no's. If the venue can't look after its conference rooms then how are they going to look after you as a conference client.

These of course are personal views of what you should be looking for when booking conference hotel rooms but if you can satisfy these basics then you are on your way to booking a winning venue!


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