Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hotel conference meeting rooms pricing model - Is it outdated?

At Well Placed Conference we are booking hotel conference meeting rooms every day of the week and it seems to us that the way we are being quoted by conference venues is becoming outdated.

With the economic climate these days, conferences have become shorter in duration, for less numbers and sometimes without the overnight accommodation anymore, all to save on company costs. A lot of clients these days are looking to book small, quick meetings just for a couple of hours. This maximises their time, productivity and eliminates costs..... or does it?

The traditional model for pricing small meeting room bookings is by the half day or full day as that is how hotels and conference venues have filled their diaries. Is this model outdated though as a lot of requests these days are for a conference room for 1 hour or 2 hours so why should the client pay for a half day or full day?

It seems that some hotels are agreeing with us as can be seen from the following article from www.incentivetravel.co.uk.

Apex City of London Hotel announces hourly rates for corporate event hire
Apex City of London Hotel is now offering corporate guests a first in flexible pricing by hiring out its Geneva Suite meeting space by the hour. The conference room at the hotel will now be available from just £80 per hour (incl. VAT and equipment hire) which Apex has introduced following extensive feedback from its guests calling for a change in the traditional event hire structure.

So should conference venues and hotels adjust their tariffs and publish hourly rates for meeting room hire as that is what the client is starting to demand. This may not help the sales figures for the venue but it may help to fill empty days in the diaries!

Clients are demanding short sharp meetings that are cost effective and are all inclusive of equipment and WIFI so come on all you hotel conference venues out there, give them what they need and start filling your diaries by the hour!

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