Friday, 27 January 2012

Does the layout of a conference room affect delegate participation?

Well Placed Conference have learnt that the rulebook is being torn up for a study on whether the layout of the conference meeting rooms has an effect on delegate participation. Could this experiment affect a hotel with conference facilities and venues with conference meeting rooms, we would like to hear your comments.

A Newquay Hotels room layouts
Details of the experiment are from

An experiment in meeting room layout will take place at the European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC) in Budapest, Hungary next week.

Delegates at the event, organised by Meeting Professionals International (MPI), will be able to take part in the trial examining the impact of physical positions on groups of participants.

Working in small groups, the delegates will be asked to tear up the rule book and design what they think is the best possible format, lay-out and seating for a meeting. A role play actor will be the live guinea-pig for the formats designed by participants. Each design will receive feedback from the role play actor and from the session’s presenter, Mike van der Vijver of MindMeeting.

The room-layout session is one of a number of 'hands-on' experiences promised in the Meeting Design Area at the Novotel Budapest Congress from 29-31 January.

MPI president and CEO Bruce MacMillan, said: “We are committed to demonstrating innovation to attendees because the business challenges facing meeting professionals are unprecedented.”

Well Placed Conference are an experienced conference venue finder offering a free service. We eagerly await the results of this experiment as we always strive to offer our clients the best conference venues and maybe we can help to get the best particpation from their delegates by suggesting alternative room layouts!

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